Organic Period Pads (With Disposable Bags)

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Rash-free Period Pad made with 100% organic cotton for Normal-Sensitive Skin sourced from Texas. 400% absorbency soft pads thoughtfully designed to support you for Overnight & Heavy Flow. Biodegradable & Eco-friendly Sanitary Napkins with Disposable Bags.

We know that the skin in your intimate area is more sensitive than other parts of our body and that is the reason why our sole focus is on innovation. Our Research Labs in Japan have created a unique honeycomb structure that makes our pads super absorbent. Each pad is made with two air-laid sheets to prevent backflow, stains, and side leakages. Hi Life Organic Sanitary Pads are World’s best sanitary pads for heavy flow with a guaranteed rash-free experience.

The planet is a major concern for us and therefore, our biodegradable sanitary pads come with biodegradable disposal bags marked with a Red Dot for easy and safe disposal.

What Are Organic Sanitary Pads?

Feather-like comfort, hygiene, and rashness are all a woman asks for in a period and there is the perfect solution to all, that too in one: organic sanitary pads. A very happy period is literally every woman’s dream. You would probably laugh at this. You will probably ask that with all the mood swings, leakage fear, rashes, and excruciating pain, how is that even realistic?

When you wear organic sanitary pads, you often won’t even feel a thing. The feather-soft cotton that they are made of is just perfect to bid good riddance to your period rashes. Itching and rashes are a big concern and point of discomfort. This is especially true for people like us who live in such hot and humid climates like that as India.

Sweating, humidity when it comes with period flow is no less than a nightmare. You feel the need to change your pad asap before it gets ‘too wet’ or ‘too much flow’ is there. Synthetic pads tend to make you feel wet and uncomfortable, there’s no denying that. However, in the pads made of cotton, naturally, the absorption is way better and efficient. This makes you get rid of the feeling of constant wetness or changing frequently.

With excellent absorption, there won’t be much blood or flow that clings to your skin directly. It gets well absorbed into the lower layers of the pad, making it feel much lighter. It is excellent for hygiene as well. And of course, it goes without saying that it helps prevent many infections and  medical conditions as well.

How Are Organic Pads Different From Traditional Sanitary Pads?

The traditional sanitary pads, as we all have known for years, are made of synthetic material. This is extremely harmful to our body, especially for the skin exposed to the pad. Also, since they are synthetic, they don’t give you the comfort you have when you wear your cotton panties on the days you are off your period.

We constantly have to wear a pad on our periods. Due to continuously wearing these pads, there is friction between our skin when there is any movement. As it goes without saying, rashes and itching are inevitable consequences of this. This leaves us hoping for our period to get over asap! The pain only makes it much worse for us.

Apart from this, traditional sanitary pads contain chemicals in them. Dioxins are the chemicals that are used and our skin is always exposed to these chemicals. These chemicals end up getting into our skin over time and even cause harmful infections that we cannot even imagine. They cause hormonal imbalances, raise the chances of catching cancer alarmingly, affect reproductive health, to name a few.

We are familiar with the fragrances that traditional synthetic sanitary pads come with. Of course, these two are chemically induced. These chemicals apart from irritating our skin and causing dangerous infections can also end up entering our bloodstream. None of this sounds like good news. So are you ready to say goodbye to traditional sanitary pads yet? If not, we have got some more bad news coming your way!

Traditional sanitary pads are made up of plastic and chemicals. They promise things like heavy flow absorption, leakproof, etc. but that comes at a cost. The structure of the pores on traditional sanitary pads such that it makes it absolutely unbreathable for your skin. This means unhygienic conditions and more infections for your skin.

Why Should Organic Sanitary Pads Go To?

By now, you clearly understand what those big headlines mean by harmful for you if you are still on traditional sanitary pads. But if not those then what? Organic sanitary pads come to the rescue here. They are made while keeping all these problems in mind. By using organic sanitary pads you can actually do away with all of these issues.

Let us check out some benefits of organic pads and why they should be your absolute go to:

Cotton Keeps All Infections At Bay: Cotton means no plastic or synthetic materials have been used to make organic sanitary pads. This promotes perfect absorption through multiple layers to keep all infections at bay.

Cotton Helps You Maintain Excellent Hygiene: Cotton in organic pads has great absorption capacity that makes them absolutely leak-proof. This helps maintain excellent hygiene.

Say Goodbye To Period Rashes And Itching: Due to the usage of cotton over plastic and synthetic materials, the friction causing all the rashes and itching is there no more.

Saves From Hazards Of Harmful Chemicals: Organic sanitary pads have no harmful chemicals that traditional sanitary pads contain. This saves you from getting problems like hormonal imbalance, fertility issues and even helps avoid cancer.

Scent-Free, Chronic Medical Conditions Free: The scents and perfumes in traditional pads are all chemicals. Organic pads are completely chemical-free which makes them much more ideal for your health.

Lets Your Skin Breathe: Cotton is anyway more breathable than plastic and synthetic materials that are used in traditional sanitary pads.

Friendly To Our Environment: Being made of cotton, organic pads are completely biodegradable and hence, friendly to our flora and fauna too!

Bang For Your Bucks: With all the benefits they have to make your health and comfort a priority, they are absolutely worth the money.

Doctors Recommend It: Given the benefits organic sanitary pads java offer over traditional sanitary pads, they are a win-win in the hearts of all medical practitioners!

A couple of questions that now come to mind are why aren’t organic sanitary pads more common and known? Why weren’t people more familiar with these earlier than they are nowadays? In a country like India where menstrual health to this day remains to be a taboo

Are Organic Sanitary Pads Safe To Use?

By now, we are sure even you would vouch for organic pads to be safer than regular sanitary pads. They are free from any chemicals, don’t cause any rashes, help maintain perfect hygiene, let your skin breathe, don’t cause any infections or medical conditions. Not just this, they are friendly to the environment and to your health.

Is there anything else you can ask for from a sanitary pad? We didn’t think so. Don’t take us on our word, do your own research before you call it quits! The answer will be a big, resounding YES to organic sanitary pads. Now the question is to choose which pads to go for?

Try Hi Life organic sanitary pads for a perfectly comfortable one. happy and healthy period experience. Do you ask what makes us different?

  • 400% more absorbency to avoid stains
  • Double air-laid technology to prevent backflow
  • Honeycomb structure to prevent side leakage
  • 15% wider wings for better positioning of your pad
  • Made of GOTS certified 100% organically sourced cotton for rash-free periods
  • Free from any chemicals and parabens
  • Biodegradable


With all these benefits packed into one organic sanitary pad, what are you waiting for? Grab yours today!!

Certification of Registration, Conformité Européene or European Conformity (​CE​) Marking

Global Organic Textile Standard (​GOTS​) Compliance Certification by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (ICEA)

Along with ​SGS test report​ certified

Food and Drug Administration (​USFDA​)

Unique design. Super Absorbent. Biodegradable. Chemical-free.

We know that the skin in your intimate area is more sensitive and that is why our sole focus is on innovation. Our research labs in Japan have created a unique honeycomb structure that makes our pads super absorbent. Each pad is made with two air-laid sheets — prevents back-flow, stains and side leakage. These are best sanitary pads for heavy flow. The soft organic cotton that the pads are made of, prevents rashes.

The planet is a major concern for us and therefore, ours are biodegradable sanitary pads that come in a biodegradable disposal bag marked with a Red Dot for easy and safe disposal.

Customer Reviews

"satya prakash"

"good prod."


"Can't believe sanitary pads can be so comfortable. Must try once."


"The pad felt soft and light. Good!"


"Fantabulous product! Highly recommend to every woman."


"I feel that pads were extremely soft and I could feel the difference compared to plastic pads."


"Great Product! So soft and comfortable."


"I absolutely loved this product. Initially, I got it for myself but then I found it so good that I even bought it for my daughter."

"Aashna Mittal"

"It’s been so long I have been using this brand and I find it the best brand so far. I suggest you to try this atleast once. Thanks Hi Life for making my sad days the most comfortable ones."

"Kritika Kothari"

"My daughter has been using Hi Life sanitary napkins for almost a year now. She loved the napkins as they are biodegradable and sustainable."

"Aisha Banerjee"

"One of the best pads I have ever come across. Hi Life pads are great for those who experience heavy flow and itching."