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Boosts Immune System. Maximises Nutrient Absorption. Strengthens Bones and Joints. Improves Skin, Hair, Nails. Aids in Anti-Ageing. Easy to consume.

100% bioavailable solution designed to be your one-stop collagen booster for glowing skin and good health. Silica is the base of collagen which keeps you young, strong & healthy. It’s easy to consume in Tea, Coffee, Water, Juice and any other beverage of your choice. Best Collagen supplement for joints, bones & skin. 20 Drops a day boosts your collagen and builds immunity.



Many people today are aware of what collagen is and they search for the best collagen supplement in India, they often struggle to find an appropriate definition to describe collagen. So let’s start with that. Collagen is an important and one of the most prominent proteins present in our body. It is present in various places in our body such as skin, bones, joints, muscles, tendons, etc. Hence, we can clearly state that collagen essentially forms a basic structure for our body and start looking for the best collagen supplement in India.

Collagen is produced naturally within our bodies. It is essential for the internal wear and tears along with the repair that our body does on its own. Collagen can also be consumed externally in the form of supplements as well. This protein, unlike the common notion, is pretty hard and insoluble because its fibrils are sometimes even more strong than steel. A very intriguing fact about collagen is that it comprises almost 35% of the protein content inside our body.

Health Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Surely, now you know enough about collagen and already want the best collagen supplement in India that can help you stay in your strongest and the best shape. Some of the various benefits that collagen supplements have to offer are:

  • Improves your skin’s health to give you the skin of your dreams: As we age, the production of collagen in our bodies declines. As a result, our skin not only loses its strength but also its plumpness due to which it develops wrinkles and fine lines. This is primarily due to the dryness induced by the absence of collagen. The best collagen supplement in India can help you reduce this by improving the elasticity of the skin and fighting signs of aging to prolong them.


  • Helps relieve the pain in your joints: Collagen is an important component of our muscles, bones, and cartilages. As collagen depletes with age, our cartilages also tend to become weaker and frail. As a result, the much-needed lubrication between our joints declines due to which pain arises. Using the best collagen supplement in India.


  • Gives you thicker, stronger, and lustrous hair and nails: As we have discussed, collagen helps give structural integrity, if you choose the best collagen supplement in India, you can treat this. The best collagen supplement in India can help with the brittleness of your nails. It also caters to breakage as well as thinning of your hair. This, in turn, can also help to stimulate better growth as well.


  • Better cardiac health conditions: Collagen acts as a scaffolding of arteries and blood vessels around our heart. Due to depletion in collagen presence as our arteries and blood vessels become weaker, it adversely affects our cardiac health. If you regularly consume the best collagen supplement in India, you can actually beat any of these possible adverse conditions from arising. Keep your heart healthy, happy, and young!


  • Helps prevent bone loss: As collagen in our bones depletes due to aging, when we age this deterioration causes the structure of our bones to become internally weaker. As a result, the density of our bones declines. If we consume the best collagen supplement in India regularly, it can help our bones become stronger and combat bone density loss.

The best collagen supplement in India

We often mentioned the best collagen supplement in India but what exactly did that mean? We meant the Hi-Life collagen supplement. A collagen booster can help you retain the glow of that younger-looking skin, fight wrinkles, get proper absorption of nutrients in your body along with a healthy pH balance maintenance.

We bring to you the best-in-class collagen supplements by Hi-Life: Silica Drops.

What makes as different: Hi-Life Silica drops specialty

Hi-Life silica drops provide you with an all-around collagen boost and protection. Being best-in-class and one of the best collagen supplements in India, Hi-Life provides all the benefits you could ask for:

  • Prevents wrinkles and fine lines on your face by reducing dryness
  • Boosts production of collagen
  • Stronger and shinier hair and nails
  • Aids in bone mineralization
  • Modulates immune system response
  • Gives better skin elasticity
  • Alkalize your body by balancing pH levels

For good health and vitality, Hi-Life provides an inside-out treatment. At Hi-Life, we believe that beauty goes way beyond just way deep and helps you get the same.

How to use Hi-Life Silica Drops: simple tips

Hi-Life silica drops can be consumed in whichever way you like. Just remember to take the recommended quantity, 20 drops a day either with water or green tea or maybe some whiskey in the evening. Using it every day is something you will need to follow precisely and consistently.

With all such great benefits to choose from, what are you waiting for?! Buy Your Own Pack of Hi-Life silica drops today!!

Boosts Collagen. Supports nutrition absorption. Maintains healthy pH balance.

Our silica supplement boosts collagen production, bone mineralization, hair & nails upkeep as well as immune response modulation. Therefore, it is considered as the best collagen supplement for joints, bones, and skin. Collagen is the mineral that produces elasticity of the skin which prevents ageing. While we can’t turn back time, we can definitely help prolong youthful skin and slow down the process of ageing. Collagen for bones and skin is very important. Silica works from the inside to support & enhance beauty.  Silica is also an essential mineral for good health and vitality. It also stimulates optimal nutrient absorption and improves immunity. As an alkaline agent, it helps maintain a healthy pH balance. After all, beauty goes deeper than skin.

The silica supplement can be consumed in many ways. Add it to your glass of water, a cup of green tea, or a peg of whiskey. Put a few drops of this collagen booster to increase the pH level of your drink. The recommended dose is up to 20 drops a day.

Customer Reviews

"Komal Kumar"

"I was very worried about my hair fall after covid. After taking 20 drops a day of Hi Life’s Silica Drops it actually shown me the difference. My hair fall is now stopped and even it enhanced my skin. Worth the price. Highly Recommended."

"Neeraj Dhingra"

"Very easy to consume. Best part is its in the form of drops where you can carry and easy to use in water, tea or coffee. I started feeling my skin now. Thanks to Hi Life for bringing such an amazing collagen booster."

"Mahesh Anand"

"2. Good value for money."

"Aashita Arora"

"1. Silica is the most important component for boosting collagen. We have this in India finally. Very easy to consume."